Chicken Breeds : ‘Blue Andalusians’

Blue Andalusian Chick

Blue Andalusian Chick

Blue Andalusian Chick approx 1 week old

Christina Raving wrote in the Keeping Chickens Newsletter “I too am a big fan of blue Andalusians. I purchased my first 10 blue chicks last year from the feedstore. In my opinion, blue Andalusian chickens are the sweetest, perhaps the “tamest” chicks I have encountered. From the start, they came to my hands, and jumped into my palm and just settled down. Even when I no longer needed to keep them warm and transferred them outside, they still come when I call them to the patio door to get scraps of food.

I was really pleased when I had bought them as day old chicks in May, and they started laying in November. They kept right on laying an egg a day right through the winter. They have hardly missed a day.

My only complaint might be that they are noisier than all of the other hens I’ve had. They lie to me and cackle before they lay an egg, and then they carry on for a good ten minutes after they lay an egg. But, as sweet and beautiful as they are, I can forgive them for their noisiness, and the neighbors don’t complain because they get free, organic, free-range eggs. The grandkids also prefer their white eggs for egg dying at Easter.”

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Blue Andalusians

Blue Andalusian’s are from the Mediterranean class of breeds and originated in Andalusia Spain. Although known as ‘blue’ andalusian’s, in common with other blue breeds they don’t breed true so you could get a blue, black or splash. All have the blue genes and when bred black with splash should give about 50% blue chicks and 25% black and 25% splash. Their feathers are laced with velvety black upon a rich slate-blue ground. They can be quite flighty when young but do tend to settle down when they are older. Andalusians are good layers of large white eggs and pullets begin to lay at around 5 months old and are less likely to go broody than other breeds.

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