Golden Comet Hens

Golden Comets are a hybrid breed bred for their egg laying abilities and at their peak could be laying 5 or 6 eggs each a week on average. Because they are hybrids it is not possible to breed Golden Comet chicks from Golden Comet roosters and hens so if you want to expand your flock at a later date with more Golden Comets they will need to be purchased.

Below is a photo of Keeping Chickens Newsletter subscriber Wendy’s 1 year old golden comets enjoying a treat of all the worms and bugs from under the flipped over rocks in their pen.

“I call this picture ‘Queen of the Hill’, my 1 year old Golden Comets love to run around the yard and climb a little, too.”

2 Responses to “Golden Comet Hens”

  • Chad Kessler:

    I am new to this chicken. I just ordered 6 hens and a rooster(chicks) thinking I could not only get a decent amount of eggs, but also hatch out peeps for resale to help cover feed costs. I was unaware that they were a hybrid.
    Am I correct in saying that these birds will not hatch out chicks with the rooster of the same kind? Meaning no peeps?

  • They can hatch chicks but they won’t be ‘Golden Comets’ so you won’t be able to sex them by the colours the chicks hatch out.

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