Serama Chickens as House Pets

Did you know?

In Malaysia, Seramas are more popular as a household pet than dogs or cats.

2 Responses to “Serama Chickens as House Pets”

  • greg brewster:

    i wud like to get a start of seramas how do people keep them in the house can they be house broke look forward in hearing from u

  • That statement is not true. I’m from Malaysia, and I’ve never seen a serama chicken until a neighbor reared a couple two years ago. I thought they were a pretty version of the regular ‘kampung’ or village chickens, a very common breed of native chickens that make great soups. But native kampung chickens have long legs and less colorful feathers. We wondered about the breed and some people guessed the chickens are from Thailand, which they are not, from what I’ve read on the net.
    Last week, a friend of my daughter told her about serama chickens and that’s when we realised what these chickens are. The most popular pets here are dogs and cats, by far..

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