Silkie hen with newly hatched silkie chicks

These are photos of keeping chickens newsletter subscriber Marcelo Lacayo’s newly hatched silkie chicks with their mum Juana 🙂

In the day when the weather is nice, they go outside.

To be certain that Juana and her chicks did not get too cold out in the coop they were relocated to a new broody ‘coop’ indoors – the Lacayo’s bar 🙂

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  • Nicole Pitre:

    I recently decided to get a couple baby chicks.I went to the local lumber store to buy some chicks to raise. They had six different troughs containing about three different breeds I chose the chicks with the colors i liked most. The lady told me id chosen 3 rhode island reds and 3 wanted only hens. I purchased the chicks and went home with these colorful cute baby chicks.
    A month later I started noticing the changes and that my chicks all seem to be different. Two months later I have 3 very different chicken breeds and believe I also have a couple roosters. I laughed but its caused me to read up on chickens and im pleased to find theyre is more to chicjens then just laying eggs.thanks for the great information.

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