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Keeping Seramas in the USA

This photo is of Serama eggs from  ‘Henrietta’ who belongs to  Keeping Chickens Newsletter ( subscriber Carolyn Bush and shows just how small Serama eggs are.

Carolyn first discovered the Serama whilst surfing the web “On a whim, I contacted the premier breeder in the US to ask whether he thought I might physically be able to keep such a small chicken (in Malaysia, where the breed originated, they are the most popular of all pets, only eat about a pound of feed a month, and can even be kept in the house). He thought that the Serama, being so small and with a personality much like a puppy, would make a good pet for me. So I was considering ordering two hens (roosters are not allowed in the city) next spring after having an outdoor coop built. Well, to my complete shock, I received a call from the post office in June saying they had ‘live birds’ for me!! The breeder evidently was thinning out his flock and decided, without informing me, to send me two pet quality, 5 month old hens (see below). I think they are just adorable (what owner doesn’t think that about their pets); and they are both very sweet and calm. As you can tell, I’m already hooked.

Henrietta is the black one, and Wilomena is the red one who is named after the chicken instructor’s cute bantam. They lived for three months in a large hamster/guinea pig cage in the house, but have now moved outside to their ‘Archipenko coop’, designed by my architect neighbor.”

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