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Blue Silkies

Blue Silkies hen and rooster
“Silkies may be described as a compromise between the large Fowls and the Bantams; the Blues, like the Whites and the Blacks, are great favourites among lady fanciers. The plumage consists of fluffy feathers resembling silk or hair. Both sexes have crests, thoses of the male birds being like silky manes, while those of the females are globe-shaped, somewhat resembling powder-puffs. The face of the Blue Silky is a mulberry colour, and the toes are very fine. The cocks weigh about 3 pounds and the hens about 2 pounds. The latter make ideal mothers, and they are good layers of either tinted or white eggs according to the strain”

Blue Silkies Chicks Video

Sexing Silkies

Silkies can be quite late to mature (perhaps as much as 8 or 9 months old). Because they take so long to develop it is very hard to know if your silkie chicks are cockerels or pullets, particularly if they are not from the same genetic line. Silkie cockerels tend to be bigger in size and the comb will usually develop sooner than on a  pullet but the first more obvious sign is at around 4-6 months when their hackles start to develop ‘streamers’. Even so it is often not 100% certain until they begin to crow or lay an egg!

A Silkie Rooster and Hen

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Seperating the Pullets