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Silkie Chickens

Silkies are believed to have originated from China where they are used in Chinese medicine and also considered quite a cullinary delicacy. In other countries their fluffy feathers and black bones and skin ensure they are almost always kept as pets. Exactly when the breed was established is not known, but records of them exist as far back as the end of the 13th Century.

These photos of Silkie Chicks are from Keeping Chickens Newsletter subscriber Sue K : “Just wanted to show you our adorable Chinese bearded Silkie chicks Maggie, Casper and Billie. We actually hope they are hens, but do not know yet. It is my first experience with having pet chickens and it has been such a joy. Here they are having a little parade in the back yard at 3½ weeks old. Enjoy your newsletter very much.”

There are six standard colors for silkies: black, blue, buff, white, partridge and gray. In Europe and Australia, there are both standard and bantam Silkies. In the United States and Canada, the only Silkies are bantams.

Silkie hen and chicks

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